Strawberries & Creem Festival 2016

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Local festival, Strawberries & Creem is a growing, sell out, one-day festival, close to the centre of Cambridge at Haggis Farm. This year headliners were Nelly and Skepta playing to an audience of 5,000. Working closely with the organisers we fulfilled 2 briefs.
  1. To create a banqueting area for the food with half of it being strawberries, “quintessentially Cambridge” and the other half being Creem, “urban street carnival”
  2. To build an interactive classroom in the field to offer a space to escape the festival, sit down, write on the blackboard and mix up chemistry formulas.
The banqueing area for the food trucks was filled with a long banqueitng table with silver sprayed place settings and candle sticks, we made a mini grantchester with punts, apple trees and deckchairs, created a giant book table, large pictures of college masters to poke your head through and much more. On the other side we used old tyres, cable drums, old bus seats, giant speakers and old doors, we hung jamaican and reggae flags, and got the furniture grafittied by some professionals to look like they were plucked straight out of Notting Hill. The classroom needed to be open as it was in the middle of the field. We created a contemporary, wooden cube with open ends and filled it with a giant vintage blackboard, science lab desks and stools and hung a skeleton.  We filled conical flasks and other lab items with coloured liquids and bits of brain. We left plenty of chalk for revellers to write their own messages on the boards and lots of glow sticks hidden in the lab for them to find.