Into the Woods is aimed at helping corporate teams and organisations disconnect from technology for a refreshing and reviving experience in an amazing ancient woodland: This woodland retreat is ideal for a summer away day, or a two-day team building or change management experience.

In the ’always on’ global workplace, businesses face many challenges and dealing with the stress levels and mental well-being of your teams has never been more crucial. Into the Woods offers a chance to inspire, rejuvenate, renew and reward your teams in an environment that provides a stark contrast to their usual work place.


The woodland is 25 minutes from Cambridge, near to Linton, at Horseheath Racecourse. It is the site we manage and run for two successful boutique festivals ‘Wildwood Disco’ & ‘Wildwood Rumpus’  along with a number of private events. It is an accessible yet beautiful and ancient woodland site with ample parking and a robust infrastructure. On-site boutique glamping can be provided for overnight stays.


Into the Woods programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, but broadly can be a mix of / or simply one of the following elements: 


Fun, (and challenging, arts based, activities that help explore team, dynamics, individual challenges and potential, company culture and leadership approaches. For example, team member may come together to create a large-scale sculpture.


Let nature inspire you to collaborate on a large joint project for you and your teams or immerse yourself in creating your own individual and lasting artefact inspired by collected natural forms. For example, create a willow arch or totem as a symbol of coming together, or a small golden plaque that draws on the folk law and myth of the forest.


Performance or theatre-based workshops that help to build confidence for individuals and promote a supportive, collaborative team environment. For example, staff can become part of the Clown Choir – silly noises abound, or join a theatre troupe for dramatic fireside storytelling.


End your day with a festival-style party in the woods, this can incorporate fun activities, plus live music, DJs, dancing, street food and customised bars if required.

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